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Longitude Media

With decades of experience, we publish magazines and newsletters for the digital innovators and digital transformation change agents within organizations in our target markets.  Editorially, we focus on trends, actionable insights and the adoption of technology solutions specifically for the markets we serve.


Editorial Focus:

We author and curate articles that provide actionable insights into the digital technologies and solutions that will support our reader's career and provide their organizations with a competitive advantage.  With our digital innovation focus there is a pronounced emphasis on the adoption of Artificial Intelligence  (AI) for each specific market we cover.


Personalized Insights For Each Reader:

For all markets, our AI driven content engine tailors each newsletter issue to cater to the unique interests of every reader. This guarantees heightened reader engagement, ensuring that each edition perfectly aligns with their current needs and aspirations.


For our Clients:

Promote your thought leadership and solutions in a Longitude Media newsletter. Experience industry-leading marketing ROI as we spotlight your best blog articles and deliver the highest quality leads for your solutions.


Are you ready to position your brand in front of the digital innovators and change agents for your market?


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